Kentmere Laboratory Benefit Management Program


The only 100% independent Lab Benefit Management Program (LMBP) for Health Plans

  • The longest existing Lab Benefit Management Program serving health plans since 2000
  • The only validated program used by national, regional and local health plans of all sizes from 16,000 members to 23+ million with experience in every state
  • Highest ROI of any LBMP: >20-1 for all clients; with impeccable references
  • Kentmere is used by health plans to negotiate, evaluate and validate the accuracy of analytic and savings claims in proposals from high cost LBM /prior authorization companies
  • Kentmere LMBP manages the RFP process, ongoing steerage and leakage management, savings monitoring, and new test technology clinical validity, and utility evaluation including genetics using proprietary analytics unique in the health care industry
  • The health plans still own the lab network so you are not liable for others mistakes
  • All Quality metrics improve under the Kentmere LBMP