Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. Turns to Kentmere Healthcare Consulting Corporation to Expand Outpatient Laboratory Network

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WILMINGTON, Del. (Dec. 12, 2018) … Kentmere Healthcare Consulting Corporation of Wilmington, Del. said today that Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc., New Jersey’s oldest and largest health insurer, utilized its services to evaluate, analyze and optimize their outpatient laboratory provider network. Kentmere Healthcare Consulting also was retained to review and ensure the appropriate use of new testing technology to help members, employers and providers reduce costs, while improving medical quality for the insurer’s 3.8 million members.

Kentmere Healthcare Consulting transitioned Horizon from an exclusive outpatient laboratory network to an expanded network, effective January 1, 2019, resulting in better access and lower costs for Horizon members and employer groups.

“We are pleased to be chosen by Horizon to help develop and manage their outpatient laboratory strategy for the future,” said Jeffrey M. Petrizzi, president, Kentmere Healthcare Consulting Corporation. “Horizon is known as a thought leader in developing the way healthcare will be delivered in the future, while increasing quality and reducing cost.”

An independent firm, Kentmere Healthcare Consulting has served health plans operating in all 50 states in its nearly 20-year history.

“Kentmere Healthcare Consulting provided the guidance, expertise and management services Horizon needed for a new lab strategy that will enhance lab access and convenience for our 3.8 million members,” said James Dell’Arena, director of Network Data and Medical Cost Strategy for Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. “Kentmere Healthcare Consulting’s assistance on this important and complex procurement made it possible for Horizon to offer an expanded and improved network of labs beginning January 1, 2019.”

Kentmere Healthcare Consulting works solely with health plans to select the right lab partner and the implementation of best lab management practices for insurers around the country.

Horizon joins numerous other Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers and commercial plans across the country who use Kentmere Healthcare Consulting to manage their outpatient laboratory network on an ongoing basis.

About Kentmere Healthcare Consulting Corporation

Since 2000, Kentmere Healthcare Consulting Corporation has provided its proprietary outpatient Kentmere Laboratory Benefit Management Program™ for the managed care industry. Kentmere Healthcare Consulting – an independent firm – serves national and regional health plans; is not a laboratory; and does not work for or with laboratory providers. Based in Wilmington, Del., Kentmere Healthcare Consulting delivers a thorough claims analysis that paints a clear picture for health plan executives of where their issues are and how they can save tens of millions of dollars annually, while maximizing benefits. In every instance, Kentmere Healthcare Consulting’s Laboratory Benefit Management Program reduces its clients’ actual total yearly cost of laboratory testing by 10-20 percent (this does not include trend reduction or downstream cost savings), while still delivering the same level of service – or better. Kentmere Healthcare Consulting’s client ROI is greater than 20:1.


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