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Independence + Who Our Clients Are

Kentmere Healthcare Consulting is independently owned, and not affiliated with any clinical laboratories, health plans or other healthcare providers.

We only work for health plans.

Kentmere Healthcare Consulting does not work for the laboratory industry, does not participate in laboratory industry seminars or trade shows.

We are not an imaging, genetic counseling, venture-capital-owned, or business consulting company trying to be “laboratory experts.” We created the industry.

For over 20 years Kentmere has provided its Laboratory Benefit Management Program to local, regional and national health plans serving every state in the country.

Current and past clients include nine BCBS health plans covering over 11 million lives and more than 10 commercial/Medicaid/Medicare Advance plans covering over 31 million lives, with new health plans choosing Kentmere every year.

Our impeccable references will validate over 20 years of Kentmere’s program that provides a 20-1 ROI while improving all quality and service metrics for both members and providers in every case